Jewelry Care

Just a reminder Jewelry is delicate and should be treated with care. We want you to enjoy your jewelry but we do recommend taking your jewelry off when swimming, showering, applying lotions, playing contact sports, getting ripped at the gym, or anything else you think may cause damage.

 Here are some other helpful tips to keep your jewelry looking its very best!

 Keep in mind that due to the personal pH levels of an individual’s skin, jewelry may tarnish more quickly for some than for others. If your Jewelry is tarnished the best way to clean it is with a jewelry polishing cloth.

 Don't wear your jewelry in extreme temperatures or during physical activities, and avoid contact with household cleaners.

 Jewelry is vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, hair dye, and perfume. And it doesn’t like chlorine - neither in swimming pools or even regular showers. So make yourself look fabulous and then put your jewelry on after.

 We recommend storing items from Love Grenades in the pouch and box your product was packaged in as an easy storage option to keep your pieces safe.

 If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at