Fine jewelry designer Annmarie D’Ercole has spent more than two decades creating one-of-a-kind pieces and pioneering new lifestyle concepts. From her earliest days, as a teenager designing jewelry from her parents’ home, Annmarie has always known how to translate inspiration into timeless treasures.

In 2000, Annmarie built on the success of her fast-growing jewelry brand by opening a high-end boutique in the exclusive Del Mar neighborhood of San Diego. It was one of the first upscale stores to combine fashion and fine jewelry. Four years ago, she moved into a new location that more than doubled the size of the store.

For Annmarie, the inspiration for Love Grenades came from personal loss. When her father passed away, Annmarie found that people were supportive and kind but didn’t always know what to say. She got the idea to partner with her husband Cory Brzezinski and their longtime friend, Josh Robbins, to create an affordable jewelry concept steeped in the universal language of love. The result: a fashion-forward jewelry brand imbued with meaning.